Thursday, July 2, 2009

Household To-Do List

I've been putting together projects in my head that need to be done in my house. My brain is a swimming mess so I figured this was as good a place as any to clear it out. It's quite overwhelming, but I hope to have it all done by Christmas. Hopefully.
So here it is...feel free to skip over this entire post - perhaps quite boring! *I warned ya!*
*Completed project*

Living Room
Paint - beige/tannish color
Sand and paint molding around door
*Install a dimmer switch*
*New window treatment*

*New window treatment*
*Go through cupboards & get rid of unused items*
Paint - per hubby's request

Big (Haddie's) Bathroom
Rip up carpet, then tile floor
Window Treatment
New vanity
New medicine cabinet
New light fixture

Haddie's Room
*Take armoire out to shed*
*Move in play kitchen from Living Room*
Paint - pink or purple?
*Decoupage wall letters -HADLEY- using scrapbook paper*

Computer/Craft Room
Rearrange furniture
*Clean out closet*
*Put scrapbook paper in shadowboxes and hang on wall*
Cut vinyl saying with Cricut AND apply to wall

Master Bedroom
Replace fan blades (Mark broke one when we moved in!)
Use Old English oil on dresser
Paint - beige

Master (small) Bathroom
Rip up carpet then tile floor
Paint - unsure of color/decor
Window treatment - have valances, need rods
Find pedestal sink to replace TACKY pink sink! (Yay for old houses!)
New light fixture

*New light fixture*
*Clean/Organize linen closet*
*Install programmable thermostat*

Wow this is becoming incredibly depressing! I doubt I've ever had a to-do list this long! Must remind myself this is ALL inclusive, nothing left out! Even the small stuff is here. *Sigh. Breathe*

Patch wall from crappy contractor's job
Hang pictures - It's mighty bare!
Replace glass for framed bridal picture

Family Room
*Prime & paint paneling - cream*
*Make pillows with DARLING Americana fabric I found*
*Window Valance*
*New (Used, but new to us) couch.*

Downstairs Bathroom
Rip up carpet, then tile floor
Paint - unsure of color/decor
Window treatment
New light fixture

Storage Room
Get rid of ancient barrels (No idea what they are, were left from previous owner)
*Give filing cabinet a permanent home, put to use*
*Utilize our new safe we HAD to have*

*Clean toy box and fill with outside toys*
*Hang Haddie's swing from tree*
New grill
*Find a bug zapper*
Clean/organize back shed

Spray Painting Projects
2 mirrors (master bedroom and downstairs bath)
*2 shelves (Haddie's room & Living Room)*
*Sand, prime and repaint living room lamp*
*5 picture frames*

Make window/flower box from old window
Paint inside doors/closet doors. These are those old, hollow, laminate doors. How is the best way to paint these? Do you need to sand them first, or can you just prime and then paint? And would you paint them with a brush, or roller...I'm hoping for advice on that project! I'd love new doors, but can't afford it so I'd like to make them look a tad nicer.

I'm totally up for advice, suggestions, or HELP on any of these projects! Now I just need to get started, now that I've cleared these out of my head!


  1. wow! you are ambitious. I had to take multiple breaks just to read it, it made me so tired :) GOOD LUCK!

  2. WOW! Your list totally made me tired!! I couldn't imagine really doing all of those things, it was so much work to just read it!

  3. You GO Girl!!! You can do it ALL :) My plans for the year aren't quite to intensive....make ready for baby.....keep house clean ;) and I'm exhausted.....course being an apt doesn't help either. HOlla if you need a buddy to chat with while working!! ha ha No really, I can help or at least entertain Haddy!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with pink in my house! I have a pink kitchen (blech!)... pink countertops, pink back splash, & pink sink. I would SO love to get rid of my pink, but that's a good 3-5 years down the road. I'm decorating my kitchen and dining room in red/black/white. So right now I have red/black/white/PINK. Nice.

    I saw the cutest idea on how to update those old interior doors... it was on a blog somewhere, but I bet I couldn't find it now. They had taken some small molding and attached it to the doors to make it look like those paneled doors. Then they painted the doors and molding white. It looked really nice and much more expensive than just the basic door. I can't imagine having to sand the doors first - I bet a coat of primer and paint would do the trick.