Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lamp Revamp

This lamp has just undergone it's 2nd paint job. It originally was a forest green color, with a pretty (gag!) gold metal base. Well, not thinking right, I spray painted it without priming it. Big mistake. The glass wouldn't hold the paint so it started bubbling up and peeling. I wish I'd taken pictures along the way but I spaced it. She's a much prettier lamp now!

So this is after being sanded down, primed, and about 4 coats of spray paint. The whole thing is dark red, despite the picture being dark on the bottom. I painted the harp black as it was ghastly gold like the bottom. I don't know if it actually looks any better, but at least it matches my living room better!

Any suggestions on the lampshade? It looks kinda boring to me, but I'm new to this making old things look new stuff, so I'm not sure what it needs. Or if it needs anything at all.


  1. Oh, cute cute cute! I love it! There are so many brass/gold lamps out there that have really cute shapes to them. It turned out very cute. And I love that it's sitting on a doily - I love doilies. I think the lamp shade looks good how it is, but... I picked up some lamp shades at the D.I. for .50 each. There like the one that I covered with fabric in DD's room. They were brand new, still with packaging on them so I had to buy all three. I still have two left if you want one. You're always welcome to "shop my garage". I pick things up sometimes just because they're a good deal (which is bad of me, I know). But if you want to try one and see how it looks you're welcome to. They're currently a beige-brown color, but you could find a fun fabric and cover it, too.

  2. I think she turned out pretty decent sister!! :) Not too bad over a lot of work, huh?! Haha!!! We'll eventually get this thing down, it just may take us longer than the norm. LOL!

  3. Spray paint is my fav thing right now....I'm doing some shelfs (gag white) and my file cabinet....that is gonna be a post on my blog once I'm done. So far the shelves are done and love gotta empty the file cabinet, make lance drag it outside to my tiny balcony...and paint it and TADA....some cute fabulous ugly thing in my room :) fun for me. Love apt life......