Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Haddie's First Boo-Boo

Seriously! On Sunday, Haddie received her first skinned elbow believe it or not. She has yet to skin her knees too. I don't know how she's gotten so lucky, especially considering she's accident-prone. She fell off our porch - it's a short one, just a small step up from the ground. She was so excited to be let loose in the front yard that she went running off the porch. And crashed. I felt so bad!
Okay so call me a sentimental fool, but I had to take pictures. So sad! My poor little monkey.
Here is a picture from today, showing her elbow nicely healing. She won't keep a bandaid on, so I can't keep Neosporin on it for her :(
She pulled a towel out of the linen closet, carried it outside and laid down on it by the patio steps. Seriously, she's a weird kid. I'm embarrassed that she's still using that stupid bottle. In my defense, she will NOT drink milk out of any other container. So I give in. Go me!


  1. What sweet pictures! I love the one of her holding the bunny. Poor thing.

  2. Oh my silly, silly girl! I sure do love her! That's so cute with her getting the towel out and then laying on it outside. She's such a smart little thing!!! I'm very relieved to hear that her boo-boo is healing nicely.