Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

Yes, I realize the holiday has come and gone. I am however excited to show these to you! You know those cute ladders that everyone seems to have on their porches? The ones with the different things on them for holidays/seasons? Yeah my sweet sister & her family gave me one for Christmas. I was elated! Hurray :)
The sets that go with them are too expensive to buy, at least for my budget. Plus I didn't want to have exactly what everyone else has on theirs. So I made my own.
At the thrift store awhile back, I found 6 plain unfinished wood hearts. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. I also found a little cupid-girl thing for a whopping $0.50! I figured I'd use them to make some cute V-Day decoration. Then when I thought about my ladder, the skies opened up and angels sang! I spray-painted the hearts, some red and some pink. Then I broke out my *new* Cricut...Mom & Dad gave met the Expression for Christmas! And I cut out some white and red vinyl.
It's hard to see, but the small hearts on bottom say "Be Mine"
Crappy pictures, I know. But it was cold outside and I didn't have shoes on so these are the best I could get while standing on my porch. Our poor snowman 'Snowy' - named by Haddie - all that was left of him was an oblong bottom because he fell over LOL Oh yes, and his stick arms.
Another thrift store find - I found these blocks for $0.75 that were pretty beat up and had Be Mine hand-painted on them. I knew I could make them so much prettier :) So I again broke out the spray paint and cut brown vinyl. I put these blocks on my piano, with the 'Be' sitting on top of the 'Mine' Super cute, I tell ya ;)
That's about as far as my craftiness has gone. I can't find my creative mojo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hadley's Big Girl Room

After Haddie's decision to climb out of her crib on her birthday, we decided it was time for a 'Big Girl' (Toddler) bed. So for Christmas I wanted to give her things to re-do her room. (It's been Care Bear themed from the time she was an infant) Before Christmas I posted these Mod Podge Projects I made for her as gifts. I also wanted to get her a cute bed set so I went with Dora. I have some cute Dora wall decals that I plan to put somewhere in her room but I'm waiting on those until I paint. What do you think of a pale yellow and then a little darker light yellow (like the yellow on the bedding) for an accent wall?
As you will see, Haddie loved that I was taking pictures of her room so she had to be in them :)
You can kinda see in this next picture the shelf that I decoupaged for her.
I have to show off her new kitchen from Grandma Leslie & Grandpa LaMont. She LOVES it, and plays with it daily. What wonderful grandparents she has :)
She also loves her horse from Grandma Ronda, and her table and chairs from Santa.
Her name in this picture is located on the wall above her changing table (you can barely see the changing table on the right side of the above picture). Would you believe that my DAD has his little baby butt changed on that changing table? I love that it's been passed down from him to his kids and now his grandkids! It has endured a few coats of paint and I replaced the knobs for Haddie.

So, there's her room for now. My next house project I think will be painting her room.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boots 'n' Hair

A couple weeks ago we went to visit my friend Tiffany, to see her new baby boy and to let Haddie play with her daughter Kapree. It was SO nice being able to hang out, catch up, and have some adult conversation. Seeing as Haddie is very much a shoe-girl, she of course had to try on Kapree's boots. The two girls walked out wearing each others' was too cute! I loved seeing Kapree's boots on Haddie so decided then and there that it was time to get some of her own.
So here's pictures of Haddie wearing her new boots the night we got them. She had to wear them out of the store...there was no negotiation haha! She loves them so much, she puts them on first thing in the morning and wears them most of the day. Even when we stay home all day, silly girl.

Thanks, Tiff for inspiring her new favorite shoes and for also handing down some of Kapree's old ones - you're good to us!
Haddie's got pretty curly hair (passed down from my dad) so one day I put gel in it to really bring the curl to life. I thought it turned out so cute! Her favorite part was having a 'starry' in her hair :) I really like this outfit she's wearing too!

Her hair is just barely long enough to put it all in a pony now, with much help from hairspray. It makes her look so grown up!

And I have to show off Scruffy's new shirt. What a handsome dog. He looks even better now with a haircut haha.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Secret Surprise!

This is the outside of the card I made that we sent to my family this week:I included a 4x6 print of this inside the card:
And I wrote "Oops! We forgot that it's Valentine's Day. We must have baby on the brain because WE'RE PREGNANT! (Happy Valentine's Day, anyway!) "

Hurray! As my niece Hollie so sweetly pointed out tonight, this is the best birthday present I could ever ask for! We've been thinking about getting pregnant for about a year now and over the last few months we've received a ton of 'gentle nudges' letting us know that our family is ready for another baby. My two nieces, Hollie (7) and Kami (3) have asked me repeatedly when I'm going to have another baby. My dear sister has been fueling that one LOL! Kami asked Kell tonight if she could hold the baby. Oh my, it's going to be a very long pregnancy for us all. My mother-in-law even asked me if hubby and I were 'sparkling in the bedroom' referring to Twilight's Edward (hubby thinks I'm in love with Edward so he teases me incessantly about it)! I blushed haha!

So I'm just barely pregnant - I only found out last week. So I'm about 5 weeks along with an estimated due date of October 13th. (No, it's NOT a Friday thank goodness lol) I don't know for sure what doctor I will be going to or what hospital I'll deliver at but I'm thinking hard about it :)

So there's our surprise! We couldn't be more thrilled. Haddie already keeps patting my belly and wanting to kiss baby good night. We've already kind of decided on a girls' name but we'll have to see!
Happy Early Birthday To Me!

Computers are Dumb

I've been away forever, it seems. Right after Christmas our computer started dying on us. It's still dead, in fact. Long story short, our computer's still under warranty so we've had them replace the hard drive and motherboard although the motherboard wouldn't fix the problem so we're still waiting on that...who knows what'll happen. It could be another week or 3 months til it's fixed. Who knows - I am extremely unhappy with the situation, especially with HP's customer service along with that of the warranty company. And the technician they sent to fix it. I'm unhappy all the way around. Ugh!
Anyway, My FANTASTIC, wonderful, amazing, sweet Daddy is letting us borrow one of his laptops until our desktop is up and running again. I don't care what any of you think - I have the best Dad in the entire world. :)
So now that I have computer access again I intend to get caught up on my blog. So be prepared for posting-overload. I've got Christmas stuff, crafts, Valentine's Day stuff,
a very special secret post (got ya interested now, huh!), upcoming plans and since my birthday is on Thursday, probably some birthday stuff. So stay tuned :)