Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dollar Store Wreath


Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick made a darling wreath after something that inspired HER. Well Sarah, you inspired my wreath. (Seriously, if you don't follow Sarah's blog, you should. She's quickly becoming my hero. She's a fantastic chick that is all about thrifty decor. I religiously stalk her blog.)
Anywho...I loved her wreath and wanted to try one of my own. The hubby, kiddo and I were at Dollar Tree (frugal is my first, middle and last name!) last week and these were my findings:
A wreath, 2 bags of artificial leaves, some glittery leaf plant poker thingies and an artificial green punkin. I actually ended up using some elongated gourds for my project, which I also got from the dollar store. Read'll see :)
So I spray painted the wreath black because if my wreath showed through the leaves, I wanted it to look a little more 'finished'. I already had the spray paint, which I'd paid $1 for.
I then began hot gluing the individual leaves onto the wreath using a low-temp glue gun. I wrapped some ribbon around the wreath and tied a bow but it wasn't speaking to me.
So off came the ribbon and I finished gluing on the leaves. It was looking a little drab with just the leaves so I needed to spruce it up a bit! Which is where the gourds and glittery leaf thingies came along. I just hot-glued those on as well.
Ahhhh I love it!
In fact, I loved it so much, I made a 2nd one!

Remember this hurricane jar? I decided to spruce it up for Fall! It cost me $3 for this re-vamp. They're hard to see, but in the bottom there are different shaped green and orange pumpkins and gourds. I got all of it at the dollar store as well! I threw in a few leftover leaves from the wreaths for good measure. I'm loving it :)

Fall Trash-to-Treasure

I'm super excited for decorating my home for Fall! It's my favorite season. So I get giddy when the weather starts to cool down :)
On a trip to the thrift store, Haddie and I found some fun treasures to play with. I found this fancy-schmancy tin can thing.I walked past the tin can without a second look. Until I found this small bundle of straw stuff for a whopping fifty cents. (Are you loving my very technical terms for my goodies?) Pardon my cardboard here. It's my spray-painting box. The hubby didn't care for the time I spray-painted the patio on accident so I inherited my very own box!

So after I found the straw, I got an ingenious idea for a cheapo fall decoration. So I went back for the tin can thing, paying a sweet price of .75!
I stuffed a couple grocery bags in the bottom and then a block of floral styrofoam. I actually spray painted the styrofoam black, along with the tips of the straw.
I had some ribbon I tied on the can - I wish the tails on the bow were longer, but I ran out of that ribbon. I then put some moss on top of the styrofoam to disguise it and then stuck the straw in randomly to create this beauty.
She's nothing fancy, but I think it's cute to sit next to a block of wood I have that says 'Welcome To Our Patch' that has the same ribbon tied around it.
This project cost me $1.25, because I had everything else for it from previous projects. Haddie had fun helping Momma with a project so it was $ well spent.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Today started out being such a nice day. The temperature wasn't too warm, with a cool breeze. Then during nap time it started raining. Then it rained harder. Haddie ran to the sliding door when she heard the rain coming down so she could watch it.
Then she decided it looked like fun. So before Momma could stop her, she went out to the backyard and got all wet. She was having so much fun, I couldn't stop her. I did insist on her wearing a jacket though.
We decided to move the fun out in the front yard. You can see, the jacket didn't last for long.
She loved jumping in the puddles.
And splashing in them.
Oh yes, even sitting in them!