Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hurricane Jar

Remember this?

Here's one idea I had - I put some green moss in it with a red candle. Then decided that the whole bag of moss was too much.
But then I also thought of putting black rocks in the bottom with the same candle. Pardon the bad pictures, my camera sucks. But check out Momma's little helper :)
Haddie liked chocolate goldfish in it instead - here is her masterpiece!
So, which do you like better? The black rocks or the moss (if I take half of it out)? Or do you have any other ideas for this jar?


  1. i am liking the idea of the black rocks with the red candle! Everyhing is looking so awesome! You go Girl!

  2. Gosh, I like them both. And your family room is looking good, too. What a lot of work! it will look amazing when you're done. I bought about 10 brand new paint rollers from the DI the other day (no kidding... still new in the package) if you need any - let me know. You are welcome to them.