Friday, July 31, 2009

Easy Improvements

I've wanted to do a couple minor things in my upstairs hallway for awhile now. Why I put it off for so long is beyond me. Or perhaps I've just been lazy. No, that can't be it! :)
This lovely light fixture has driven me crazy since we bought our house last year.

$14 and 10 minutes later -Voila! Greatly improved.
Then these two eye-sores: An old air conditioner switch left behind after central air was installed and a cheapo thermostat installed with the central air. Leaving behind the pretty rectangle of different paint as well. Apparently the previous owners weren't worried about aesthetics.
But I am, dang it! So, a .30 cent cover and $25 for a programmable thermostat with about 20 minutes work and it's now more pleasing to my eyes.
Eventually I will repaint the hallway and when I do I will just patch up the hole but for now this makes me a lot happier. And my utility bill will be happier with the programmable thermostat as well!
And I installed a dimmer switch in the living room. I wanted to be able to control the lighting better in there. I did it myself! Are you so impressed? I was quite proud. I never do stuff like that :)


  1. It looks much better! You installed a dimmer switch all by yourself? Are you serious? How the heck did you learn how to do that? Is it hard? Can I do it? I don't want a dimmer switch, but we have half white outlets and half tan outlets in our house. I would love to change out the tan ones for white. Do you just have to turn the electricity off to the house? And how do you do that? I might have to have "Lindsay's Electrical Company" come over one of these days and show me just how to do this. :D I'm very impressed!

  2. Your on a roll! It looks awesome! So many fun improvements! Makes me want to get busy on my house! Keep up the good work and keep posting pictures! I love updates!

  3. I'm so proud of your projects sister! You're doing awesome. It makes me wish that I had done before/after pictures from when I first got into my house. I may have to try creating some. Surely I have some pictures that would show the befores and some of the afters. :) I need to get me a matching light like that for MY hall.

  4. OMH....that hall light was SO KILLER!!! Everything u have done is awesome. It would have totally bugged me too...Looks awesome!! Wishin I was in my house or A house.....being in an apt just ain't as much fun. But ya gotta get what u can get. Right?!? Thanks for lettin us stop by again...for hours :) We need another play date....oh P.S. I've been adopted!!