Friday, July 31, 2009


Okay I am finally posting pictures of my new curtains. It has been an incredibly busy week so I've not had a chance to post them. And as it is 2:30 AM, I really should be in bed anyway. But it's hanging over my head.
Here's a before of the kitchen curtains. The color is a little off - they're really more yellow-y than they look here. They're called traverse curtains; I looked it up haha! They have the pulley-type thing that you pull the string to open and close them. They're ancient, filthy, ripped and even a bit chewed up by the dog. So we were due for an upgrade.
Here's my new ones. Can I just tell you I love them? Please ignore the holes in the wall from the old rod - hubby is asking me now to add painting the kitchen to my to-do list. Oh look you can see out to my pretty backyard. I love my yard :)
I forgot to take before pictures of the living room curtains. This was the best I could find - from Haddie's birthday! Can I tell you how much fun it is having a birthday 12 days before Christmas? Ugh! This is the just the sheers, it had a 2nd rod that had the same kind of curtains as the old kitchen ones.
And here's the new ones! I had a hard time deciding on curtains because I love my big window and didn't want to distract from it too much. These were just what I was hoping to achieve. Again, please ignore the old rod holes!
Oh I love my clock! And if you click on this picture to enlarge it, you can see the gorgeous detail on the curtain rod. I fell in love with it!
They're nothing extravagant, but I love them. They cost me much more than I anticipated. (We're talking just over $150!!!! For the panels, rods, and hold backs) I could have made them cheaper, I know. But I doubted my sewing abilities and I was impatient. I suppose it's a good thing I love them :)


  1. I love them! They turned out really really cute. I had those exact curtains (your old ones) in my first house and second one when we moved in. I felt bad taking them down because I'm sure they cost a lot of money to buy - they were heavy, quality curtains. But mine were the same as yours - dated and dirty. I can't believe you sewed those! Good job! And about the carpet... it's not pretty. But it looks like you live in a house VERY similar to the one we had up on Medoland with the same curtains, same green carpet, everything. In fact, we even had your exact basement; the long bowling alley with wood paneling and a fireplace at the end. Well our upstairs had hardwood floors under all of the carpet. Could yours possibly have that in your house? Could you tear up the carpets? I would SO come over and help you if you did. We never dared tear up the carpets because we didn't want to have to refinish the floors and we were afraid of what shape they were in. We finally did in the den and it was very good condition and we wish we would have done it earlier. Seriously... if you have hardwood under there, I am coming over - it would take us about a half a day to move furniture, take it out, pull up tack strip, take staples out and get your house put back together. Even if it weren't in perfect condition it would look better than dated green carpet.

  2. Hey Lindsey,
    I love the new curtains! Good job Girl! I bet that you love them! What a change they made!

  3. I love your curtains! It made such a difference and I know how excited you are for them! They look fabulous. :)

  4. you are the woman! it looks great! looks like you have an awesome home!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the curtains....although u totally killed it for me when u mentioned the sucky birthday part in Dec!! WHAT THE CRAP!!! Anyways :) Enjoy your new curtains....