Saturday, December 13, 2008

Haddie's 1st Birthday!

Our little girl is getting so big! It's hard to fathom that this time last year I had a newborn and was a brand new mommy. I want to share some pictures as she's grown this year.

Holding my daughter
for the first time.
12, 2007
1:29 P
7lbs 2oz
20" long
She was so alert from the moment she was born!

Easter - 3 1/2 months
7 months old
8 months - Bathing in the swimming pool
I love her cheesy smirks!

9 months - Hadley pulled old pizza out of the garbage.
Nasty, yes. But I had to take pictures!

Birthday Pictures

Haddie - carrying her birthday balloon around the house

Opening presents - She lost interest pretty quickly.
Yes, that's my nephew Taylor covering his head with wrapping paper.
Oh how we love that boy!

Hadley's Birthday Cake
Another cake - we got this for free, since it's her 1st birthday
We have a ton leftover too. Want some?

Singing Happy Birthday
She was not amused.
But look! She has a tiny pony - Yay for growing hair!

She acted scared of her cake!
I gave her the whole thing to play with, and she wouldn't touch it.

Well, she finally touched it. On accident
And decided mommy should wear it all over the 'girls'.
I'll never get the red frosting stains out.

She received some fun toys from my family. I'll get pictures of her playing with them and post them soon!
We get to do it all over again for the party with Mark's family. Hopefully she'll enjoy her cake more. We didn't even cut the Elmo's World one.
It was such a long day for her - She was such a trooper though
So was Mommy! I didn't cry!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joining the blogging world!

Okay so my sister has been harping on me to start a blog. (Yeah, cause I don't spend enough time on the internet as it is!) Here ya go, sister! I like to share pics of my baby girl anyway, though - I'm a proud mommy!

A little about my family - My husband Mark and I were married Dec 8, '06. So we're coming up on our 2nd anniversary. He is 27 and I'm 23. I got pregnant 3 months after our wedding. Our daughter, Hadley Jo (we call her Haddie) was born Dec 12, '07. Her 1st birthday is coming up quick as well! Mark works as an Operator for Great Salt Lake Minerals and I work as a CNA for a rehabilitation center. We just bought a house in September (which is why I'm working again) so we're still settling in. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be here so I can decorate our home for Christmas!

Here are some pictures of Haddie on Halloween. She was such a cute little stink pot. I took her to the Trunk or Treat for my ward. It was lots of fun! We went with my sister's family. Haddie was looking at everybody, taking it all in. She didn't like her candy being put in her basket - she kept pulling it all out. (Smart girl, she knew mommy would take it and eat it!)