Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pierced Ears

My mom wanted to take her 3 granddaughters to get their ears pierced so one day we finally went and did it. We were worried about the 2 younger ones so decided to start with Kambri
And then Haddie
And saved Hollie for last, since she's the oldest and would do the best.
Yep sure looks like she did the best! She put up the biggest fight of them all. We nearly ended up leaving without getting hers done but finally FINALLY got her to go through with it. (We won't mention that she's had them pierced twice previously)
All three girls look so cute with their pretty earrings! Haddie hates to have hers turned & cleaned. She likes to show them off - to the neighbors, her other Grandma, the checker at the grocery store - whoever will give her the reaction she desires! She's very proud to now have pretty ears like Mommy. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No skinned knees - yet!

Haddie and Mark bought Haddie her very first bike together. He let her pick out which one she wanted. She's finally getting the pedaling part figured out but is still working on steering it by herself. She is super proud of herself! (So is Mom & Dad!)

Haddie's been a bubble-blowing machine lately! I think we've gone through 6 bottles of bubbles in the last 2 weeks. Good thing they are cheap entertainment for her :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Haddie's Baby Cousin

Haddie is so proud of her cousin, Lillie Anne Phenes. She was born on April 6, about 2 weeks early. She has her very own picture of Lillie that she carries her around. She always refers to her as 'My baby cousin.' We really had to encourage Haddie at first to have much to do with Lillie.

Haddie's first time meeting Lillie. Uncle Cory helped her hold her for about 1.5 seconds until she lost interest :)

Auntie Lindsay and Haddie had the privilege of being the first to babysit Miss Lillie. This is the first time that Haddie held her for 'real'
She was fussy so Haddie shared one of her favorite baby toys with Lillie...She seemed to like the butterfly's lights and songs.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haddie's 1st Haircut

At nearly 2.5 years old, I decided it was time for Haddie to finally have a haircut. Well, okay just a trim. Really, just the bangs.
I have a friend (Megan O) who is going to school at Beaux Cheveux School of Cosmetology. So I made an appointment and took Haddie in.

Pardon the terrible pictures - This was just before we bought our new camera :)

Megan and Haddie with her cute new 'do!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And In Other News...

I've been pretty darn boring lately, to be honest. I'm very much reclusive these days and I've narrowed it down to a few reasons
  • I am excited for warmer weather. It is improving, thank goodness. But the end of winter is always really hard for me with my depression.
  • Haddie is a lot of work lately - constantly into things and generally causing havoc around our house
  • I'm poor. It's no fun to go places when you're poor. LOL Okay so we're not destitute but things are becoming tighter in preparation for this second baby.
  • Which brings us to my pregnancy. I've been sick until the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I'm 14.5 weeks, so I'm just now feeling better. But I'm still exhausted
  • I'm a home-body. Always have been, but hopefully can break out of it eventually
  • I'm lazy. I shamefully admit it. Ex: it's 12:30 pm and I've still not gotten dressed. I did work on some housework when I got up so that's today's excuse :) I didn't wanna get today's clothes all nasty with sweat right?! Mmm-hmm.
So there you have it. Nothing exciting. Boring ole me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Birthday

Quite belated (Feb 11th) but here are some pictures from my 25th birthday :)

My new sewing machine case (from my sister-in-law) to house my new sewing machine the hubby gave me for Christmas. Hooray!
Reading the candy card my mother-in-law, Ronda, gives each of us on our birthday.
Haddie's a good present-opening-helper!
She tries to help blow out candles too, silly girl.

I haven't quite been able to figure out why I feel younger at 25 than I did at 22. Perhaps I'm already digressing? Who knows :) But I love my life.

Easter Wreath

Last year I came across this blog post right after Easter. I saved it so that I could make it this year. Haddie helped me with half of it - I'd ask her to hand me each color of egg. She lost interest quickly, but she likes to show it off to people who come to our house. It cost just under $4 to make it, and I think it's super duper cute!
Thanks to Stephanie V. from Alpine TRC for making my bow :) I'm quite challenged in that area.
Happy Easter!

Baby Shower

My mother-in-law and I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Angelina. I was so glad that we were able to do that for her to help her little family out. She is having a little girl later this month and she will named Lillie Anne
These are the invitations I made for the shower:
This is the basket we had the favors in, the 'Thanks' flower was made on my Cricut and the favors were a die that my mom has for her Big Shot.
Here's a close-up of a favor. They just had a few pieces of candy inside. Aren't those tiny safety pins adorable?! I found them at the local scrapbook store.
Here's a book I made for the shower so that everyone who attended could give some parenting advice to Cory and Angelina, the parents-to-be. I received something similar at my bridal shower and thought it was cool so I re-vamped it for this baby.
This is a page inside the advice book. I think they received some pretty sound advice to get them started :)
This is the stroller/car-seat system they received as a gift.
The gift table. There's a bunch of smaller gifts hiding behind those big bags.
These aren't the greatest pictures, but here are the centerpieces we came up with. Rather than doing some paper-type thing that would end up being thrown away, we decided to go with something that could be useful.
This is baby wash, hooded towel and washcloths tied together with balloons
Infant Motrin, baby wipes, diaper cream and a health-care kit including nail clippers, thermometer etc.
And the last one, with bottles, a formula holder for the diaper bag, burp rag and a dishwasher caddy to more easily wash all those bottle parts.
I also got a travel wipes container that was plain white and cut vinyl to decorate it with Lillie's name and some flowers. It turned out ca-ute!
The rest of these pictures are of the guests
Ronda, Sondra, Maridean, Lyndsay and Grandma Phenes (all family)
Dena and Angelina
Angelina's grandma and sister Hailey
Ronda's friend Claudia
Sondra, Maridean and Lyndsay
We did all sorts of food for the shower. It was my very least favorite part of the preparation. I hate to cook and I'm terrible at it. We made chicken salad sandwiches, spaghetti salad, jello pretzel salad, cupcakes (I put miniature bottles and pacifiers on top of the cupcakes) and Sprite.
I hope that Angie received a lot of things she needed. I was glad we were able to do it to help her prepare for my new baby niece. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

Yes, I realize the holiday has come and gone. I am however excited to show these to you! You know those cute ladders that everyone seems to have on their porches? The ones with the different things on them for holidays/seasons? Yeah my sweet sister & her family gave me one for Christmas. I was elated! Hurray :)
The sets that go with them are too expensive to buy, at least for my budget. Plus I didn't want to have exactly what everyone else has on theirs. So I made my own.
At the thrift store awhile back, I found 6 plain unfinished wood hearts. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. I also found a little cupid-girl thing for a whopping $0.50! I figured I'd use them to make some cute V-Day decoration. Then when I thought about my ladder, the skies opened up and angels sang! I spray-painted the hearts, some red and some pink. Then I broke out my *new* Cricut...Mom & Dad gave met the Expression for Christmas! And I cut out some white and red vinyl.
It's hard to see, but the small hearts on bottom say "Be Mine"
Crappy pictures, I know. But it was cold outside and I didn't have shoes on so these are the best I could get while standing on my porch. Our poor snowman 'Snowy' - named by Haddie - all that was left of him was an oblong bottom because he fell over LOL Oh yes, and his stick arms.
Another thrift store find - I found these blocks for $0.75 that were pretty beat up and had Be Mine hand-painted on them. I knew I could make them so much prettier :) So I again broke out the spray paint and cut brown vinyl. I put these blocks on my piano, with the 'Be' sitting on top of the 'Mine' Super cute, I tell ya ;)
That's about as far as my craftiness has gone. I can't find my creative mojo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hadley's Big Girl Room

After Haddie's decision to climb out of her crib on her birthday, we decided it was time for a 'Big Girl' (Toddler) bed. So for Christmas I wanted to give her things to re-do her room. (It's been Care Bear themed from the time she was an infant) Before Christmas I posted these Mod Podge Projects I made for her as gifts. I also wanted to get her a cute bed set so I went with Dora. I have some cute Dora wall decals that I plan to put somewhere in her room but I'm waiting on those until I paint. What do you think of a pale yellow and then a little darker light yellow (like the yellow on the bedding) for an accent wall?
As you will see, Haddie loved that I was taking pictures of her room so she had to be in them :)
You can kinda see in this next picture the shelf that I decoupaged for her.
I have to show off her new kitchen from Grandma Leslie & Grandpa LaMont. She LOVES it, and plays with it daily. What wonderful grandparents she has :)
She also loves her horse from Grandma Ronda, and her table and chairs from Santa.
Her name in this picture is located on the wall above her changing table (you can barely see the changing table on the right side of the above picture). Would you believe that my DAD has his little baby butt changed on that changing table? I love that it's been passed down from him to his kids and now his grandkids! It has endured a few coats of paint and I replaced the knobs for Haddie.

So, there's her room for now. My next house project I think will be painting her room.