Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decoupage Gifts

I have had these two projects on my To-Do List forever! And they're finally done :)
This is a shelf my mom gave me when I was an early teen. It was plain, unfinished wood. It has sat unused for years because I didn't know what to do with it. I finally decided to finish it for Haddie's room. I spray-painted it white and originally tried sponging pink paint onto the 3 raised hearts. That wasn't working very well so I decided to decoupage scrapbook paper onto them. I followed it with 2 coats of clear acrylic sealer. It is now ready for use!

These letters I originally bought while pregnant with Haddie. They were plain white and I sponged a different color of pastel paint on each one - pink, green and yellow. They matched her Care Bear bedding and decorations. I've decided that they needed to be re-vamped because I plan to re-decorate Haddie's room. I decoupaged the same scrapbook paper used on the shelf onto these letters and sprayed sealer on them as well.
My camera sucks so the color is distorted. The 'a' is beige, 'd' is dark pink and the 'e' is light pink. The stripes and the 'y' are actually brown, not green. (Seriously need a new camera!)

I want to get a Dora The Explorer toddler bedding set for Christmas for li'l miss. She's thisclose to climbing out of her crib, so we'll be moving into a 'big girl bed' soon. So call me tacky (regifter!), but I'm giving these letters and shelf to Haddie for Christmas as well for her new bedroom.


  1. Good Linds,
    They look so cute! I am excited to see her new room when it is done!

  2. Those turned out adorable....and a big girl bed ;) how fun.....your baby is growin up!! But they still amaze you everyday!! Keep me posted how christmas goes and stuff...if u make it tree stop by and visit us!!!

  3. Those turned out so cute. That is going to look adorable in her room.

  4. No it is not tacky! It is GREAT! You have wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

  5. These turned out super cute! I want to do something with mod podge...just not sure what yet! :) Time will tell.