Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kate Voegele Concert

Mark, Dad and I went to Club Sound in Salt Lake on Friday (4/24) to see Kate Voegele for the opening of her Lift Me Up Tour. This was the second time we've seen her live (The first was after her first album, Don't Look Away, was released). For those who don't know, Kate plays Mia Catalano on the TV series One Tree Hill, which is where I first heard of her. She is soooo tiny! Very short and petite, with a darling personality. She's definitely among a handful of my favorite artists. Her 2nd album, A Fine Mess, will be released May 18th. I'm so excited for that. She's featured a few of the new songs on recent episodes of One Tree Hill, and will release more throughout the remaining 3 episodes of 6th season. We did however get a sneak peek at some of these songs at the concert. I cannot wait!
Anyway, the show started 30 min late because her tour bus broke down 400 miles from SLC. They were able to get a replacement bus to get them to the concert on time, thankfully. But because of the bus problems they were unable to have their full stage setup. There were no drums - which I didn't mind, because you can't ever hear much at concerts partly because of drums. Their drummer however substituted with various percussion instruments. It was kind of an unplugged performance. I loved it! Here are a few pics from the concert. Enjoy!

Check out those shoes....?

This is her tour bus from last year, but it is fairly similar to her current one.

She wrote a song for the 2008 Summer Olympics titled "Lift Me Up". It is a great song, and one of my many faves of hers. She's a great songwriter, and has a beautiful voice.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy Flower Lady

So I've decided I've become obsessive. Last night a teenage couple walked past my house. They walked onto my lawn, up to my tree and the girl pulled out one of my tulips. I watched her do this from my living room (Seriously, how could she have not seen me? I was standing in my huge front window!) I pounded on the window and Mark ran to the door and yelled at them..."Those flowers aren't free for the picking, you know!" They turned and stared at us and the girl just kinda muttered "SOrry!" You know, with that typical teenager I-don't-give-a-crap attitude. I could've slugged her! Dumb goth chick wanna-be! So I'm now the crazy flower lady - go figure. But we worked hard planting our flowers, and I LOVE looking at them!
Oh well...what do you do? Anyway, I'm going tonight with my dad and Mark to see Kate Voegele perform at Club Sound in SLC. It's a crappy venue, but I love her music. ( She plays Mia on One Tree Hill. It airs on Mondays at 9pm on the CW. She plays her own songs on the show - the girl's got a great voice! And she's got a cute personality - we saw her perform last year as well. I'll post pics after the concert tonight!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Haddie's Easter Bunny gifts (The chair she received as a Christmas gift however)

Haddie was most interested in her Barney DVD - she wanted to watch it immediately. She'll sit and watch Barney for at least 45 minutes by herself and be perfectly content.

Her Easter doll - she LOVES taking baths so she got a Bath-Time Baby. (She saw it in the shopping cart and yelled "Baby!" then picked up the box and kissed it!)
Mark thought he'd take an incriminating picture of me. I was eating a Snickers egg and gave one to Haddie but she didn't like hers. She handed it back to me so I was eating two, one in each hand. Mark said it's a sign of a true chocoholic!
We took her new bubble gun outside to try it out. I thought this was a cute picture.Wearing her new Easter outfit, running around our backyard.

Swinging at Mark's mom's house.
On Grandma Ronda's slide.Mine and Mark's "Easter Bunny" gift to each other is coming soon - we're going to get a patio table and chair set so we can enjoy our nice covered patio more. We had a wonderful Easter. We went over to Mark's Mom's for Easter dinner after nap time and played in her backyard for awhile and visited. Because Haddie ran around outside so much, she went to bed extremely well, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Haddie colored Easter eggs for the first time Thursday night. Daddy helped her while Mommy ran the video and digital cameras.

She was so excited when she dropped an egg in and the water splashed all over. She insisted on plopping them in, rather than worrying about cracking the shells.

She also insisted on grabbing them out with her hands. What do we need egg dippers for?

She kept trying to taste them as she'd grab them out. She doesn't care much for the taste of vinegar!

She also kept trying to put 2-3 eggs in each cup. Multi-tasking, you know.

The finished products. She's so proud of them! And Daddy just likes to eat them.

Haddie's masterpiece. Boy am I glad I thought to put a towel underneath her before she got started!

Happy Easter to everyone tomorrow! Be safe in your travels.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gettin' Old Blue

Last Saturday Kellie, Hollie and I made a trip to good old Malad, Idaho. We were going to pick up our very own Old Blue! A family friend raises beef cows and gave us a great deal on 1/2 a beef to split. All day, Kell and I were so excited to go. We felt like big girls, getting our own cow! So we packed up in Kell's van and head up to Idaho. *Disclaimer - after this next sentence, I don't wanna talk about it anymore!* I got us lost. Okay, not lost, but if I'd had my way we'd have been going to Boise. Kellie asked me which way we went when we got to Tremonton. I told her go left, so she did. A few miles past Tremonton and Kellie asked me "Linz, are you SURE we go this way?" Um, yeah! Because we have to go past Plymouthhhhh......Oh crap! The OTHER road, the RIGHT road takes us past Plymouth!!! So we had to back track a bit. And we were a bit late needless to say.
The whole drive there we talked about animals. We'd ask Hollie what a baby cow says and she squeaks out a petite little "Moo!" Momma cow? A different petite "Moo!" A teenager cow? "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then we saw a deer crossing sign. What does a deer say? I pipe up and say "Baaaaaaaaa" just like a um, sheep! Oh wait, wrong animal. Then we named our cow Old Blue and would honk and wave at cows in pastures along the road "Hi, Old Blue's family!" "We'll let you know if he's any good!"
So we made it in one piece and picked up our fabulous beef. When we got home, we unloaded it in my garage so we could split it up between the two of us. We filled up laundry baskets and 18 gallon totes full of Old Blue. My, how lovely my freezer looks with all that meat in there! I like to open it just to take a peek. These pics are of all of our meat, in my garage.

This list below is just my portion of meat that I paid $333.50 for!

Ground Beef : 24 pounds
Hamburger Patties: 48
Rump Roast: 1
Sirloin Tip Roast : 2
Round Steak: 10
T-Bone: 8
Tenderloin Steak: 2
Sirloin Steak: 3
Chuck Roast: 6
Rib Steak: 8

So far we've eaten T-Bones and Ground Beef. Oh my, I know why I prefer meat from the butcher! So much better tasting! Tonight we're trying out some patties on the George Foreman - yeah for Hamburgers!