Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kate Voegele Concert

Mark, Dad and I went to Club Sound in Salt Lake on Friday (4/24) to see Kate Voegele for the opening of her Lift Me Up Tour. This was the second time we've seen her live (The first was after her first album, Don't Look Away, was released). For those who don't know, Kate plays Mia Catalano on the TV series One Tree Hill, which is where I first heard of her. She is soooo tiny! Very short and petite, with a darling personality. She's definitely among a handful of my favorite artists. Her 2nd album, A Fine Mess, will be released May 18th. I'm so excited for that. She's featured a few of the new songs on recent episodes of One Tree Hill, and will release more throughout the remaining 3 episodes of 6th season. We did however get a sneak peek at some of these songs at the concert. I cannot wait!
Anyway, the show started 30 min late because her tour bus broke down 400 miles from SLC. They were able to get a replacement bus to get them to the concert on time, thankfully. But because of the bus problems they were unable to have their full stage setup. There were no drums - which I didn't mind, because you can't ever hear much at concerts partly because of drums. Their drummer however substituted with various percussion instruments. It was kind of an unplugged performance. I loved it! Here are a few pics from the concert. Enjoy!

Check out those shoes....?

This is her tour bus from last year, but it is fairly similar to her current one.

She wrote a song for the 2008 Summer Olympics titled "Lift Me Up". It is a great song, and one of my many faves of hers. She's a great songwriter, and has a beautiful voice.


  1. Looks like it was fun!! Perhaps someday I'll be come non-reclusive again! Haha. I can't wait for her album to come out...and on my anniversary at that! :)

  2. The concert was wonderful. She has such a wonderful sound. I really enjoy listening to her music.