Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Flow of Life

I figured it was about time for an update post. However, there's not much to update about! We're just living day-to-day. Same old, same old. We did get more insulation put in our attic because of the rebate that ended in April making our insulation free. I've noticed a huge difference, mostly in Haddie's room. We keep her door shut while she's sleeping and her room gets ice cold. So that's much better now.
Mother's Day was wonderful - we got together with Mark's family on Saturday. His mom gave me a cute decoration for my flower bed. It's 3 logs tied together with black bear statues and a solar light on top. It's darling! Mark's grandma gave me $20. We went up to my mom's house on Sunday where we had dinner with her and my dad. It was a nice, no-fuss meal and we sat and had a good visit. Mom helped the grandkids color cards for Kellie and I with a saying about being a Marvelous Mom with a package of M&Ms. My little Haddie walked into the room and handed it right to me and gave me loves. It was very sweet. Mom had a hard day because she was thinking a lot about my little sister, Michelle, who passed away in 1991. May 27th would be her 22nd birthday - I just can't imagine my 4-year-old sister being 22!
Haddie is growing just as all kids speed with no signs of slowing down. Which is bittersweet for me. I thoroughly enjoy watching her grow and learn new things, but I miss my baby being my baby! She is saying more and more things all the time. It baffles me how easily kids pick things up. She's now occasionally saying 'Thank You' without being prompted. My favorite thing she says right now is 'Geeky' which is her binky. My sweet little girl is getting so big!

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