Thursday, June 11, 2009

Haddie's Antics

Haddie just hanging out - I had to post this picture because I think her pigtails looked so cute that day! I'm totally loving that her hair is growing long enough to actually do something with it.

Poor girl, all tuckered out watching Barney!

Yeah this is what a sliding door is supposed to look like when it's unlocked.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered it looked like this........
when I walked outside to check on my vegetables and left Haddie alone in the kitchen. Haddie decided she wanted to lock Momma out in the rain! Mark was sleeping after working graveyard - until I had to pound on the window to get him to let me back in the house. Poor guy! I tried getting Haddie to unlock it but she got mad that she wasn't outside WITH me, so she laid on the floor and threw a tantrum instead. She's getting way too smart!


  1. That is so hilarious!!! next time you will just take her with you wont

  2. LOL! That's awesome. You totally didn't tell me about that. What a funny girl. You better watch out for that one. :)

  3. Ok, First.... I can't believe you let your daughter watch Barney ;P and second....that is the funniest thing ever that she locked you out!!! thank goodness that Mark was home to let you in!!! lol......seriously this made my day :) I can see you beggin her to open