Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bumps, Bruises & Broken Bones

It will never cease to amaze me how often and easily kids can get hurt. I'd probably cry if I counted how many times a day Haddie hits her head, falls, or has the dog knock her over. It seems Haddie frequently has bruises on her head. She's even had them on her bottom from falling so hard. But she's a trooper, and rarely cries for more than a few seconds. Kids are built tough, thank goodness. Which leads me to our latest injury.
Haddie broke her left leg Wednesday night. Nobody saw what happened exactly, although my nephew Taylor said when he'd last seen her she was heading up the stairs. She didn't act real hurt, and then was fine shortly after. But then she was fussy again. It happened around bedtime, so it was just assumed she was cranky & ready for bed. She didn't sleep well, and had a hard tummy so I thought she was crying cause her stomach hurt. Gave her gas drops, put a rice bag on her tummy & put her to bed. Thursday morning, she wasn't standing up in her crib like she usually does. No big deal, didn't think much about that either. After breakfast I tried standing her on the ground. She immediately fell & started crying. I tried standing her again, but this time not completely letting her bear all her weight. She stood on the right leg but lifted her left one behind her. She then got preoccupied and stood for a minute then tried walking. As soon as she put all her weight on that foot she fell again. It was at that point that I knew something had happened, so we made a Dr. appointment. So we took her in, had it x-rayed. Lo and behold, we have a broken tibia. But it's only a buckle fracture (because kids have soft bones, sometimes they have an incomplete fracture where the bone 'buckles' upon itself, causing a bulge rather than completely breaking) so the doc didn't cast it. He said he would've had to cast it up to the top of her thigh for it to do any good, and then she wouldn't be able to even crawl. So she's just taking liquid Lortab & ibuprofen. Doc said she'll probably have a limp for a couple weeks, once she is able to walk again. Otherwise she should heal fine. I think I cried more than she did!
She's already able to bear some weight, although it's still pretty painful for her. She sometimes forgets that it hurts and will try to stand on it. She took 3 steps yesterday, said "ow" and fell down. She seems to be hurting worse today than yesterday - she's not as mobile as she was. She's had to resort back to crawling, the poor kiddo. She's tough though so I'm sure she'll be running around again soon enough!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Slideshow

I got looking through old files and found this slideshow I made from our wedding
We were married in Brigham City, UT on December 8, 2006
We played "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts while walked down the aisle

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Christmas

Grandma Ronda (Mark's mom) and Haddie reading a book. Her pony is pathetically tiny, but I'm just so excited that she's finally getting some hair!

Not a very good picture, but I just wanted to show what I made for gifts for Christmas this year. I made Ronda a tile with vinyl lettering that says "Grandmas are Moms with lots of frosting" and an easel to display it on. I had so much fun making gifts this year! I felt like everyone really liked them, compared to some generic store-bought gift.

For Cory and Angelina (Mark's bro & sis-in-law) I made them a tile that says "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the ride worth while"
For Mark's grandma I made one that said "PHENES - Est. 1945" but didn't get pics of it. I made magnets for everyone in Mark's family. I also made beaded watch bands for Angelina & Ronda and a bracelet for Lyndsay

Ronda kept telling everybody what their presents were before they could get them all the way unwrapped. She was so excited! Finally Mark got after her & told her she really couldn't spoil what they'd (Mark, his mom & grandma) gotten me. They made her put packing tape over her mouth until I'd opened it - they got me a Cricut! (Which I'm now having WAY too much fun with! Ha ha)

Me, being a nerd & posing for my 400th picture of the morning. Mark gets camera happy
That's my sister-in-law, Lyndsay on the left.

Cory & Angelina

After going through tons of Christmas pics, I've decided I need to get better about taking control of the camera. We have very few pictures with Mark in them since he's proclaimed himself camera man.


Okay so I decided it's time to post Christmas pics...better late than never, right?

We had to get together with Mark's grandma and dad on Christmas Eve. We weren't able to see them Christmas Day.
Haddie got a mower from Great Grandma Phenes
She loves it - she runs up and down our hallway pushing it.

She also got a Little Tykes car from Grandma.
She's figured out she can push it next to my glider in the living room - She climbs in the car, then climbs out the window onto my chair. She's such a smart girl.

Hadley and I on Christmas Day
Wearing our Tinkerbell jammies - We get new pjs every Christmas Eve

Scruffy wearing his Christmas sweater.

Christmas morning. Haddie adores her Daddy! They are such goofballs

Haddie checking out what Santa brought her. She needed a toy box - Mommy is sick of picking up her toys! She plays with her piano a lot. She'll push a key to make it start playing music and start dancing around her room.

Haddie opening presents. We like Tinkerbell in our house - okay so maybe it's just me. I made Haddie's Tinkerbell blanket. She also got a Tinkerbell hoodie.

Haddie ran off in the middle of a diaper change.
"No time for formalities mom! So many toys, so little time!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Silly Girl

When we bought our house in September, we had problems with our freezer drawer not shutting. Shaun, my brother-in-law offered to fix it while over for dinner one night. She decided he needed some help with the freezer, so she climbed right in. We'd pull her out and she'd climb right back in. Haddie's always loved her Uncle Shaun. (He adores her, as well!)

Haddie pulls pots out of the cupboard frequently - she's figured out there's one cupboard that doesn't have a child lock on it. One day she pulled this pot out to play with it and ended up accidentally falling bottom-first into it. She was so mad! It was hilarious so say the least.

But then she decided it wasn't such a bad place to hang out. She pulled the pot back out of the cupboard and had a seat and opened her book. Guess it brings a new meaning to reading on the pot, eh? Scruffy (our Yorkie-Pug dog) decided he'd like storytime as well.

Haddie's checking "Santa's List" for her name.