Sunday, January 25, 2009


Okay so I decided it's time to post Christmas pics...better late than never, right?

We had to get together with Mark's grandma and dad on Christmas Eve. We weren't able to see them Christmas Day.
Haddie got a mower from Great Grandma Phenes
She loves it - she runs up and down our hallway pushing it.

She also got a Little Tykes car from Grandma.
She's figured out she can push it next to my glider in the living room - She climbs in the car, then climbs out the window onto my chair. She's such a smart girl.

Hadley and I on Christmas Day
Wearing our Tinkerbell jammies - We get new pjs every Christmas Eve

Scruffy wearing his Christmas sweater.

Christmas morning. Haddie adores her Daddy! They are such goofballs

Haddie checking out what Santa brought her. She needed a toy box - Mommy is sick of picking up her toys! She plays with her piano a lot. She'll push a key to make it start playing music and start dancing around her room.

Haddie opening presents. We like Tinkerbell in our house - okay so maybe it's just me. I made Haddie's Tinkerbell blanket. She also got a Tinkerbell hoodie.

Haddie ran off in the middle of a diaper change.
"No time for formalities mom! So many toys, so little time!"

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