Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Silly Girl

When we bought our house in September, we had problems with our freezer drawer not shutting. Shaun, my brother-in-law offered to fix it while over for dinner one night. She decided he needed some help with the freezer, so she climbed right in. We'd pull her out and she'd climb right back in. Haddie's always loved her Uncle Shaun. (He adores her, as well!)

Haddie pulls pots out of the cupboard frequently - she's figured out there's one cupboard that doesn't have a child lock on it. One day she pulled this pot out to play with it and ended up accidentally falling bottom-first into it. She was so mad! It was hilarious so say the least.

But then she decided it wasn't such a bad place to hang out. She pulled the pot back out of the cupboard and had a seat and opened her book. Guess it brings a new meaning to reading on the pot, eh? Scruffy (our Yorkie-Pug dog) decided he'd like storytime as well.

Haddie's checking "Santa's List" for her name.



  1. Hey! I love it up here its alot different but a good kind. Your little one is getting so big I haven't seen her since summer. How is life going for you?

  2. Cute cute pictures! I sure love my girl! I hope her and I will always be bestest buddies. :) Thanks for your comment on my post. You are my bestest friend and I know I can depend on you for anything!! *hugs*