Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bumps, Bruises & Broken Bones

It will never cease to amaze me how often and easily kids can get hurt. I'd probably cry if I counted how many times a day Haddie hits her head, falls, or has the dog knock her over. It seems Haddie frequently has bruises on her head. She's even had them on her bottom from falling so hard. But she's a trooper, and rarely cries for more than a few seconds. Kids are built tough, thank goodness. Which leads me to our latest injury.
Haddie broke her left leg Wednesday night. Nobody saw what happened exactly, although my nephew Taylor said when he'd last seen her she was heading up the stairs. She didn't act real hurt, and then was fine shortly after. But then she was fussy again. It happened around bedtime, so it was just assumed she was cranky & ready for bed. She didn't sleep well, and had a hard tummy so I thought she was crying cause her stomach hurt. Gave her gas drops, put a rice bag on her tummy & put her to bed. Thursday morning, she wasn't standing up in her crib like she usually does. No big deal, didn't think much about that either. After breakfast I tried standing her on the ground. She immediately fell & started crying. I tried standing her again, but this time not completely letting her bear all her weight. She stood on the right leg but lifted her left one behind her. She then got preoccupied and stood for a minute then tried walking. As soon as she put all her weight on that foot she fell again. It was at that point that I knew something had happened, so we made a Dr. appointment. So we took her in, had it x-rayed. Lo and behold, we have a broken tibia. But it's only a buckle fracture (because kids have soft bones, sometimes they have an incomplete fracture where the bone 'buckles' upon itself, causing a bulge rather than completely breaking) so the doc didn't cast it. He said he would've had to cast it up to the top of her thigh for it to do any good, and then she wouldn't be able to even crawl. So she's just taking liquid Lortab & ibuprofen. Doc said she'll probably have a limp for a couple weeks, once she is able to walk again. Otherwise she should heal fine. I think I cried more than she did!
She's already able to bear some weight, although it's still pretty painful for her. She sometimes forgets that it hurts and will try to stand on it. She took 3 steps yesterday, said "ow" and fell down. She seems to be hurting worse today than yesterday - she's not as mobile as she was. She's had to resort back to crawling, the poor kiddo. She's tough though so I'm sure she'll be running around again soon enough!


  1. My poor girl! Auntie Kellie is so sorry that this happened at my house! I love you tons and can't wait until you're all better again. For your sake, AND it'll make me feel better! :)

  2. your so talented lindsay me and angelina just love you you are so talented with all the stuff you do we love you guys haddie and everyone your blog is so great we love it THX WE LOVE IT!!!!