Monday, April 13, 2009


Haddie's Easter Bunny gifts (The chair she received as a Christmas gift however)

Haddie was most interested in her Barney DVD - she wanted to watch it immediately. She'll sit and watch Barney for at least 45 minutes by herself and be perfectly content.

Her Easter doll - she LOVES taking baths so she got a Bath-Time Baby. (She saw it in the shopping cart and yelled "Baby!" then picked up the box and kissed it!)
Mark thought he'd take an incriminating picture of me. I was eating a Snickers egg and gave one to Haddie but she didn't like hers. She handed it back to me so I was eating two, one in each hand. Mark said it's a sign of a true chocoholic!
We took her new bubble gun outside to try it out. I thought this was a cute picture.Wearing her new Easter outfit, running around our backyard.

Swinging at Mark's mom's house.
On Grandma Ronda's slide.Mine and Mark's "Easter Bunny" gift to each other is coming soon - we're going to get a patio table and chair set so we can enjoy our nice covered patio more. We had a wonderful Easter. We went over to Mark's Mom's for Easter dinner after nap time and played in her backyard for awhile and visited. Because Haddie ran around outside so much, she went to bed extremely well, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!

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  1. She is so darn cute!! I'm glad she had a good Easter. It seemed really weird not getting together with the family.