Monday, November 30, 2009

Purses! I Love Purses!!

My apologies! I know I said I'd post these pictures sooner rather than later but alas, time got away from me. I've been super busy lately! My mother-in-law's birthday was on Thanksgiving but we celebrated on Wednesday because this year was my family's year in our rotation (We alternate every-other year celebrating Thanksgiving with mine and Mark's families). So Wednesday morning I made a cake for her birthday, then took her to dinner that evening.
I made pecan pie before I headed to bed, as that was my food assignment for Thanksgiving. Then of course, Turkey Day! Part of that includes Kellie and I sitting down to make our shopping lists from the Black Friday ads.
Got home from Mom's at nearly 10 PM and got online browsing the online Black Friday deals. Finally around 2 AM I logged off and went to bed, only to wake up at 3:30 AM to go shopping with Mom and Kellie. YAY! I love Black Friday. We shopped all day. Seriously. 4:45 AM until 7 PM-ish. Exhaustion!! 1 hour of sleep was certainly not enough. So worth it, though.
So ever since then I've been working on getting my Christmas decorations out, which is a chore! I have a ton - I love decorating for Christmas.
Okay okay, onto my promised blog post! In all of the projects I've worked on lately, one of them included sewing a purse. Seriously, that's the hardest thing I've ever sewn. My skills are very limited. But I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!! Check out those pleats - who knew I could pull that off?!
The blurry picture doesn't do it justice. It's darling. Trust me. :) But it was a little too big for my taste, but Mark's mom liked it so it ended up being her birthday present.
I wanted to try making another one but smaller. So - here's my first attempt at altering a pattern. HO-LY cow, I managed that as well!

The only difference between the two is about 3" in the width. Much better!! So can I just tell you how much fun I've had sewing these? I would love to make like 10 more of them. But I've got a huge list of projects to get done, and I ran out of magnetic snaps so I can't make anymore til I make it to Joann's. Plus, I feel guilty making bunches of stuff for myself.

Next up: Little Girly Aprons!


  1. Lindsay! This is stinkin' cute! I'm so very impressed - you did an amazing job! I love love love aprons... you need to make yourself some matching "mommy and me" aprons so that you and Hadley can match!

  2. I'm puttin in my order. I would like ONE girly apron by christmas for sister ;) Think you could handle that?!?! The more time goes on, the more I need a freakin sewing machine......she's getting something that an apron would go totally fabulous with!!!! Do you have a pattern???? Anyways, I LOVE purses u like it even though it isn't flat on the bottom??? Hmmmm, looks fun.....and YAY for Christmas decorations...Mine are up for a while. And NOPE not sick of them yet :) Hope you have a great week....and I wanna hear ur shoppin experience, since I wasn't able to go :( I love being with the crazies, and gettin fab deals, although there were fab deals for a while now at some places which I jumped on.....

  3. Black Friday was absolutely fabulous!! :) Good times, good times! LOL! You are doing amazing with all your sewing stuff, you should be very proud of yourself!! :)