Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Girl Aprons

Here are the aprons I've been working on. I didn't use a pattern - I just followed an online tutorial. This is the first one I made, and I followed the measurements from the tutorial.
It was just made with scrap fabric I had. It said this size would fit my Haddie (she wears a 2T) but it ended up fitting my 7 year-old niece. The neck strap was too long for her, even. I also wasn't sure that I liked the pocket to go the full width of the apron.
So here is #2, also made from scraps. Actually, the Dora fabric was a valance that I got brand new at the thrift store for $2. I just wanted it for the fabric :)
I changed the measurements in hope that it would fit my kiddo but it's STILL too big, in the neck strap (again!) mainly. And the pocket hit her knees. The size is about perfect for niece #2 who wears about a 4T.
And #3. I got smarter with the neck strap - I put Velcro on one end so that I could make it considerably shorter and still be able to fit it over her head.
She is complete with binky, bunny and juice! :) This one is my fave of the three. I promise, it's not crooked - It just looks that way in this picture.
  1. It fits!
  2. I paid attention while cutting the fabric so Dora was centered
  3. I like the lace I added to the pocket and the arm holes. It gives it more of a finished look
These are all just a single piece of fabric with the edges turned over. I didn't pay a thing for any of them, so I didn't feel like going to the work of putting a backing on it. Although that would make it look that much nicer.
I will be giving these to 3 beautiful lil girls for Christmas, as they go along quite well with something Grandma is giving them ;) Shh! Don't tell Haddie she was trying on her Christmas present!
AND I have to show off my cute model, who will celebrate her 2nd birthday next week! Can you believe I have a 2 year-old?!


  1. I love these aprons! I need you to show me how to make one for my Avery!

  2. Those are adorable!!! Again, the girls will love them. I'm glad one of us (you) got the creative crafty gene. :)