Monday, December 7, 2009

Visiting Santa

On Saturday, we took Haddie to Box Elder Credit Union to go see Santa. We figured she would be scared and probably even cry. She acted a little bit shy but no tears! I was so proud of her, she did great! After her picture, while still on his lap, Santa asked her what she would like him to bring her for Christmas. Right then she glimpsed Dad and said 'My Daddy!' in the cutest little voice and reached for Mark. It made Santa laugh and he said 'Oh, I like to hear her say it like that!'
So that's year #3 that she's done well for Santa! (Although her first visit, she was only a week old so I suppose that doesn't count!) Hopefully she'll keep this up - I'd rather have happy, not crying, Santa pictures :)


  1. YAY you're such a big girl Haddie to sit so bravely on some OLD SCARY HAIRY MAN!!! Lol......I wish I would have made it. I'm sure I would have had crying pics though....She is such a cutie and I love her to death!!!

  2. Beautiful picture and beautiful girl! Happy bday to Hadley! I love seeing your crafts and your beautiful cake. I couldn't sew to save my life.

  3. Yeah we just go for the crying pictures until they're about 5. Except I don't remember Taylor being afraid. Glad that she cooperated with Santa, cute little girl!