Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haddie's 2nd Birthday

My little girl turned 2 today, can you believe it?! My goodness, how quickly time has passed. My sweet baby isn't a baby anymore! I remember everything about her being born - she should still be tiny!
She had such a fun birthday! She walked around all day singing "Happy Birthday.....................TO YOU!" She even said Happy Birthday Momma at one point, until I could convince her that it was HADDIE'S birthday, not Momma's.
She looks so interested in her Elmo card from Grandma Leslie! You'd almost think she could read it :)
Oh how we love Dora in our house. Grandma Ronda gave her a Boots stuffed animal - it goes right along with the Dora one that her Great Grandma Phenes gave her.
Grandma Leslie's puppy Gus provided her birthday cake. Cousin Kambri insisted on Gus bringing HER a Dora birthday cake for her birthday, so apparently that's a new tradition.
Oh, my. Did I mention we love Dora? Holy stinking cow! 4 books, 3 stuffed animals, flashlight, PJs, 2 washcloths, hooded towel AND her talking Backpack. Plus there's more under the tree for Christmas! Nuts, I tell you.
This video is from this morning. It's kinda long, but totally cute! She likes to repeat Backpack from Dora when he says "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Delicioso!" If ya listen you can hear her trying to say it. Silly, silly girl :)

Grandma Leslie decided to show Haddie what her Riding Inchworm does. I got a video of it, too. Oh, how I love my cute, silly momma! Haddie got mad and took her toy from Grandma - She wasn't interested in it until someone else was.
Haddie's Uncle Shaun had to miss her party because he works for the city and had to plow roads tonight. We were sad he couldn't be with us, but he did stop by to tell her Happy Birthday. He came in his big old plow truck with all the lights running. Haddie loved seeing his truck!! We have seen him drive down our road a few times since then and each time she runs to the window and says "Shaun! Shaun, come back!" She loves her Uncle Shaun so very much! They are buddies. Thank you, Shaun, for making her birthday that much more special! You are so good to her.
Haddie felt it necessesary to hit a milestone tonight. After the party I got her into bed - a crib, mind you - and started picking up the house. The next thing I know, she is standing at my side asking me to rock her. I guess we're done with a crib, eh?
So right this minute she is laying in her ladybug tent (another birthday present) with her daddy. They are reading books and Mark keeps threatening to put her back in bed if she doesn't quit playing around. Haha...Oh what fun!
Happy Birthday, my beautiful Hadley. Your Mommy loves you so very much, and I am so grateful I was blessed with such an amazing daughter. You and Daddy are my life - I wouldn't trade you for anything!


  1. Oh my sweet girl! I absolutely adore her and would claim her as one of my own. I'm glad we were able to spend her birthday with her. She is continually amazing me with the new things she seems to be doing each time I see her, and I see her pretty dang often. :)

    Shaun loves her to pieces. She definitely has a special place in her Uncle Shaun's heart; he's a softie when it comes to her.

    Hope she enjoys all her Dora stuff and about the bed business...good luck! That's all I can say about that!

  2. Happy Birthday Haddie! You are such a cute big girl! I remember holding you at the Family Christmas Party 2 years ago and you were so tiny and sweet! How time flies!