Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sewing is Finished!

I have spent so many hours with my sewing machine over the last month. It's a love-hate relationship right about now - But Christmas gifts are completely finished (other than a small handful of things still left to buy) and I am feeling extremely accomplished. I wish I could share all of my projects right now, but my family reads my blog :)

This one didn't require sewing, but I made it yesterday. It is a hair bow holder for my niece Kami.
It was even easier to make than I thought it would be. It is just an old picture frame I picked up from the thrift store. I spray-painted it black and trashed the original picture. Trust me, it was um, pretty (Haha)! Then I cut lengths of ribbon about 2 inches longer than the height of my frame. I then used my glue gun to glue the ribbon onto the frame. I didn't measure for my spacing - I decided to just wing it. I'm totally thrilled with how it turned out! If you look close at the flower ribbon, each petal is a flip-flop!! How stinkin cute is that?

So here is another purse - the outside fabric I got from an estate sale for $1. I liked the vintage look of it!
I bought a purse from the thrift store just because I wanted to take the magnetic snap out of it and re-use it. So as I was taking apart the purse, I decided that I really liked the shape of it - especially because it had a flat bottom. (The others I've made don't) So I completely dismantled it and have reused it numerous times now as a pattern! Here is the first one I've made from my new 'pattern' The inside fabric is cloth napkins that were a wedding gift - I don't do cloth napkins so I repurposed them :)
The other night my niece Hollie brought me a card and letter she'd made me. The letter was apparently her Christmas list for me. It said, "Dear Sissy.....I want for Christmas a handmade purse and Taylor Swift CD." She's seen a couple purses I've made so I assume that's where she came up with it (and she knows I like Taylor Swift). How can I not fulfill that cute girl's wish?! So I had to make her a purse :)
I totally had to save the best for last.
Oh my crap! I wanted to make a purse for myself using my new 'pattern' so I found some fabric I liked and made this!
Can I just say it again? Oh my crap! I love it! I'll be honest, I squealed after I sewed the ribbon onto the outside. How stinking cute is this?! I am totally in love. Love, love love! I'm so glad I hadn't picked this fabric for a gift, cause I'm here to tell ya - someone would be without a gift! No joke. :)


  1. OMG! I am so very impressed! Great job on everything. You are so dang crafty!

  2. lINDS,
    I love your projects!! Great Job!!! I am sure everyone will love what you have done for them!

  3. Wow Linds!! I'm impressed! You are quite the homemaker/crafter! Darling purses!

  4. I had no idea you were such a seamstress. Those purses are super cute!