Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Girl Tutus

Here is a project I finished today. I made a tutu for Haddie for Halloween but she wouldn't wear it - little stinker. But my sister wanted tutus for her 2 girls so I told her rather than teach her, I wanted to make them for Christmas for them.
This is Kambri's:
And this is Hollie's:
I had to borrow little one's bear as a model, as she wouldn't cooperate to model herself.
I had seen a tutorial somewhere online but kinda overlooked it. Til my wonderful friend Tiffany told me I HAD to make one because they're cheap and easy. So we decided to get together one day to do them. One day turned into a week, then my whole family got sick so that turned into a month. Well, I wanted Haddie to have it for Halloween so I finally had to just get the info from her. Here are two tutorial links she sent me:

See Jane Scrapbook Halloween Tutu

KSL Studio 5 Tutorial

I mostly used the Studio 5 one. It was more detailed and easier to follow. Plus the lady gave you variations on doing them, which I loved!
The best way to tie the tulle on is with a slip knot instead of a regular knot, just FYI. It is much quicker and it covers the elastic waistband a little better.
2 more Christmas presents DONE!

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  1. Very cute sister! They will be excited for them. :) You've been such a busy little homemaker working away on Christmas gifts. I'm jealous! I wish I had 1/2 the time to even get involved in projects. Crazy stinkin' life anyways!! :) Haha!!