Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Computers are Dumb

I've been away forever, it seems. Right after Christmas our computer started dying on us. It's still dead, in fact. Long story short, our computer's still under warranty so we've had them replace the hard drive and motherboard although the motherboard wouldn't fix the problem so we're still waiting on that...who knows what'll happen. It could be another week or 3 months til it's fixed. Who knows - I am extremely unhappy with the situation, especially with HP's customer service along with that of the warranty company. And the technician they sent to fix it. I'm unhappy all the way around. Ugh!
Anyway, My FANTASTIC, wonderful, amazing, sweet Daddy is letting us borrow one of his laptops until our desktop is up and running again. I don't care what any of you think - I have the best Dad in the entire world. :)
So now that I have computer access again I intend to get caught up on my blog. So be prepared for posting-overload. I've got Christmas stuff, crafts, Valentine's Day stuff,
a very special secret post (got ya interested now, huh!), upcoming plans and since my birthday is on Thursday, probably some birthday stuff. So stay tuned :)

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