Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boots 'n' Hair

A couple weeks ago we went to visit my friend Tiffany, to see her new baby boy and to let Haddie play with her daughter Kapree. It was SO nice being able to hang out, catch up, and have some adult conversation. Seeing as Haddie is very much a shoe-girl, she of course had to try on Kapree's boots. The two girls walked out wearing each others' was too cute! I loved seeing Kapree's boots on Haddie so decided then and there that it was time to get some of her own.
So here's pictures of Haddie wearing her new boots the night we got them. She had to wear them out of the store...there was no negotiation haha! She loves them so much, she puts them on first thing in the morning and wears them most of the day. Even when we stay home all day, silly girl.

Thanks, Tiff for inspiring her new favorite shoes and for also handing down some of Kapree's old ones - you're good to us!
Haddie's got pretty curly hair (passed down from my dad) so one day I put gel in it to really bring the curl to life. I thought it turned out so cute! Her favorite part was having a 'starry' in her hair :) I really like this outfit she's wearing too!

Her hair is just barely long enough to put it all in a pony now, with much help from hairspray. It makes her look so grown up!

And I have to show off Scruffy's new shirt. What a handsome dog. He looks even better now with a haircut haha.

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  1. What a freakin cute lil girl and some boots :) I am so glad she finally got herself a pair and loves them as much as Kapree loves hers...she also had to wear them outta the store! lol Silly girlies. It was fun to see you and we need to get together more often. Pls come.....and I love her hair. Kapree's is stick straight.......and I also love her starry!! She must take after me a little too. ha ha