Friday, February 12, 2010

Hadley's Big Girl Room

After Haddie's decision to climb out of her crib on her birthday, we decided it was time for a 'Big Girl' (Toddler) bed. So for Christmas I wanted to give her things to re-do her room. (It's been Care Bear themed from the time she was an infant) Before Christmas I posted these Mod Podge Projects I made for her as gifts. I also wanted to get her a cute bed set so I went with Dora. I have some cute Dora wall decals that I plan to put somewhere in her room but I'm waiting on those until I paint. What do you think of a pale yellow and then a little darker light yellow (like the yellow on the bedding) for an accent wall?
As you will see, Haddie loved that I was taking pictures of her room so she had to be in them :)
You can kinda see in this next picture the shelf that I decoupaged for her.
I have to show off her new kitchen from Grandma Leslie & Grandpa LaMont. She LOVES it, and plays with it daily. What wonderful grandparents she has :)
She also loves her horse from Grandma Ronda, and her table and chairs from Santa.
Her name in this picture is located on the wall above her changing table (you can barely see the changing table on the right side of the above picture). Would you believe that my DAD has his little baby butt changed on that changing table? I love that it's been passed down from him to his kids and now his grandkids! It has endured a few coats of paint and I replaced the knobs for Haddie.

So, there's her room for now. My next house project I think will be painting her room.

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  1. Such a cute big girl room...and the kids LOVE LOVE the kitchen sets huh! What fun :)