Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

Yes, I realize the holiday has come and gone. I am however excited to show these to you! You know those cute ladders that everyone seems to have on their porches? The ones with the different things on them for holidays/seasons? Yeah my sweet sister & her family gave me one for Christmas. I was elated! Hurray :)
The sets that go with them are too expensive to buy, at least for my budget. Plus I didn't want to have exactly what everyone else has on theirs. So I made my own.
At the thrift store awhile back, I found 6 plain unfinished wood hearts. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. I also found a little cupid-girl thing for a whopping $0.50! I figured I'd use them to make some cute V-Day decoration. Then when I thought about my ladder, the skies opened up and angels sang! I spray-painted the hearts, some red and some pink. Then I broke out my *new* Cricut...Mom & Dad gave met the Expression for Christmas! And I cut out some white and red vinyl.
It's hard to see, but the small hearts on bottom say "Be Mine"
Crappy pictures, I know. But it was cold outside and I didn't have shoes on so these are the best I could get while standing on my porch. Our poor snowman 'Snowy' - named by Haddie - all that was left of him was an oblong bottom because he fell over LOL Oh yes, and his stick arms.
Another thrift store find - I found these blocks for $0.75 that were pretty beat up and had Be Mine hand-painted on them. I knew I could make them so much prettier :) So I again broke out the spray paint and cut brown vinyl. I put these blocks on my piano, with the 'Be' sitting on top of the 'Mine' Super cute, I tell ya ;)
That's about as far as my craftiness has gone. I can't find my creative mojo.


  1. So cute Linds!! Do you like your cricut? I have been thinking about getting one.

  2. Super cute sister!!! Now I need to get me one of them ladders!! :) I also need to get my crafting mojo on...but it's been gone for many months...possibly years. :)

  3. I like your low budget thinking! A gal of my own heart!

  4. So cute! I wish I was crafty. Good thing Wendy tries every once in a while or our house would just be sad.

  5. Oh My goodness how cute!! I am trying to be more creative and you are just so imspiringing! I love it! Thanks!