Saturday, April 17, 2010

And In Other News...

I've been pretty darn boring lately, to be honest. I'm very much reclusive these days and I've narrowed it down to a few reasons
  • I am excited for warmer weather. It is improving, thank goodness. But the end of winter is always really hard for me with my depression.
  • Haddie is a lot of work lately - constantly into things and generally causing havoc around our house
  • I'm poor. It's no fun to go places when you're poor. LOL Okay so we're not destitute but things are becoming tighter in preparation for this second baby.
  • Which brings us to my pregnancy. I've been sick until the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I'm 14.5 weeks, so I'm just now feeling better. But I'm still exhausted
  • I'm a home-body. Always have been, but hopefully can break out of it eventually
  • I'm lazy. I shamefully admit it. Ex: it's 12:30 pm and I've still not gotten dressed. I did work on some housework when I got up so that's today's excuse :) I didn't wanna get today's clothes all nasty with sweat right?! Mmm-hmm.
So there you have it. Nothing exciting. Boring ole me.


  1. No wonder we get along so well...we're both perfectly content doing NOTHING!! LOL. Actually I keep plenty busy with housework and kiddos, but aside from that I don't do much!! :) I'm glad it's warming up so maybe we can both try a little harder! :)

  2. would you look at that... chris is on the blog again. :)