Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pierced Ears

My mom wanted to take her 3 granddaughters to get their ears pierced so one day we finally went and did it. We were worried about the 2 younger ones so decided to start with Kambri
And then Haddie
And saved Hollie for last, since she's the oldest and would do the best.
Yep sure looks like she did the best! She put up the biggest fight of them all. We nearly ended up leaving without getting hers done but finally FINALLY got her to go through with it. (We won't mention that she's had them pierced twice previously)
All three girls look so cute with their pretty earrings! Haddie hates to have hers turned & cleaned. She likes to show them off - to the neighbors, her other Grandma, the checker at the grocery store - whoever will give her the reaction she desires! She's very proud to now have pretty ears like Mommy. 


  1. Our girls look darling with their pretty earrings, just adds to them!! :) It was a bit of a joke with Hollie, however!

  2. so fun! How lucky you guys are to have each other! I always wished I had a sister. ANd you have fun, cute little girls to boot! CUte, Cute!