Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cousin Playdate

Hollie and Kambri came to play with Haddie earlier this week. I love to watch them playing so well together. It absolutely helps that we're getting more outdoors toys for them to play with, as they are all outside-kind of kids.
Hollie pushing Kambri in the swingKami really likes Haddie's swing. Little does she know, it is a hand-me-down from her. Sneaky mothers is what it comes down to. Isn't it funny how your kids aren't interested in their toys until they see someone else playing with them?
I absolutely LOVE this beautiful smile of Kami's. She and her Angel Auntie Michelle share many characteristics, this smile being one of them.
Mark had our shed open because he was mowing the lawn while the girls were all playing. Kami went in there and found Haddie's infant car seat. Yet we keep buying them expensive toys :)Kami also seemed pretty interested in my flower beds. Do you see that play toy above the fence? It is a huge fort-type thing that my neighbor made by hand. It includes one of those slides that you see in most parks. They also have a trampoline with a safety net around it. It seems we need to become friends with these neighbors; don't you agree?


  1. It's so true - you spend money on toys and they only want to play with rocks and sticks. You know Brittni, don't you? I've handed a lot of Harli's toys down to her little boy Caleb. And whenever we're over there visiting Harli sees Calebs toys and says "Hey, I have one of these too, Mommy". Little does she know that she really DOESN'T have one of those anymore. :D

  2. Poor Kami got her swing taken away before she even had a chance to like it I guess. I really thought she was too big for it and now she has to play at cousins house. Maybe I need to be a little slower to pass on eh?! :) Haha. Looks like the girls had a blast. They do love to play together, Hollie and all. :)

  3. What fun it is for the girl cousins to get together!! And the outdoor hand me downs are AWESOME!!! Slides are always fun and even more fun in your own back yard...holla!!! Silly kids, always lovin the cheap stupid stuff.....we need to just wrap a box super cute and let them go to town! :)