Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have to pat myself on the back. I pulled out my sewing machine and sewed for the first time last night since middle school. Which means I was fairly clueless as to what I was doing :) But I figured it out, plus pillows really aren't that tough.
Here's one side of them:
And here's the other:
Freaking awesome, right? I seriously made them in like, 2 hours. Which I didn't think was bad, considering my expertise (or the lack thereof), I stuffed the crap out of them (I didn't want wussy pillows), and I had some sewing machine problems in the middle of it that took me awhile to figure out and then fix. They're bigger than the pictures make them look - they're just shy of being the same size as a standard pillow. I have 2 square pillows, one red and one dark blue, that these will go great with on my family room couch.

Here's a tile I made for the family room a month or so ago. I used my Cricut and Design Studio to cut the vinyl. Unless I decide differently later, it is going above my fireplace on the mantle. Yes, the 'F' is backwards, but I promise it's the font that did it, not me!
And just because I'm thrilled with all my new Americana decorations, you must endure a picture of it all together:
This is just the new stuff - I have lots of other stuff I've acquired over the last year or so, but it's already in place in the family room. For now - until I get my primer and paint and paint those ugly panel walls. Then I get to redecorate it all over again! Yay!


  1. Cute! It all goes together so very nicely. You have been busy!

  2. I'm seriously so proud of you and the pillows!!! That's awesome! Everything is coming together so stinkin' cute. It'll be complete before you know it. Good luck on the painting! :)

  3. Those pillows turned out so dang cute!! Jealous...I want a sewing machine SOO bad...but that'll never happen for years I'm sure....its' funny we all have these little projects going on etc...I'm more into the wood/decorating stuff right now...trying to get some pic frames done...shelfs, beds, etc.. and I'm totally in love with Bead board.

  4. Thanks! I finally see the pictures! I am slow! HEHEHE! I love them all! your awesome! Guess what the F is great! I did the same thing on one of mine! It is the Font! HEHEHE! Keep up the good work!

  5. Very nice. Personally, I'll take my hot glue gun over my sewing machine any day. But, I so admire your projects!

  6. My favourite thing to sew, pillows! I love how the coordinate with each other and with the other accessories. I prefer to sew pillows, I'm a klutz with a hot glue gun. Love your blog layout.

  7. Awesome pillows! Love them! Love all your americana decor! Love those stars!

  8. Lindsay,
    Those pillows look great! And all of the Americana collection together looks awesome! Great Job!