Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Swimming

We just bought Haddie a little swimming pool to put in the backyard. She's always been such a water baby, so we knew it would be a hit.
Here, she's climbing into it. Silly little girl!

She was so excited when Momma climbed in with her. We were filling her watering can so I could pour it over her. She laughed so hard having the water poured on her head!

She's started sticking her little tongue out like her Grandma Leslie does when she's concentrating.

I showed her how to use the hose to spray herself. She thought it was pretty neat.

Poor girl had straps digging into her shoulders because her suit is too small. Auntie Kellie gave us a couple of Kambri's old ones, and Grandma Leslie loaned us one of Auntie Michelle's!

We brought out her bath toys. She kept throwing her ducks on the lawn and jumping out to grab them. She played that game for awhile.

I had so much fun playing outside with her. Oh, how I love my little Hadley!


  1. LOL! I love the pictures. How much fun. We need to get the girls together for a swim party. They'd love it! I sure love my little Haddie!!

  2. Hey - thanks for the comments on my blog. I put the coffee table in my formal living room - when we moved into this house we didn't have furniture at all for that room except for a love seat, so I've had to furnish it from scratch (and on a seriously tight budget, too). I think I've spent about $35 in that room so far - I'm challenging myself to only spend $75 total for the whole room (furnishings, decor, wall art, lamps, everything). Some people would laugh at me and never think it could be possible, but I'm determined to make it cute.

    To refurbish the coffee table I used a really gritty piece of sand paper and a really rough sanding block thingy. I basically just wanted to chip off parts of the paint and the big gritty sandpaper stuff seemed to do the job quite well. I'm not really an expert at any of this, but I do love to figure out how to do things.

  3. How fun is a pool in summertime for kids!!! Her little tounge stickin out is to die for! Glad you got a pic of that :) just like her grandma. its also pretty cool to use some of michelles stuff....