Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireman Shaun

My brother-in-law is a fireman!

Last weekend Kellie and I went to a few yard sales. I found this puzzle, brand new in the plastic for 75 cents. I was thrilled - Haddie loves these wooden puzzles, AND her Uncle Shaun just became a member of the Brigham City Fire Department. So I couldn't pass this up!

I got the idea to make this even more special for Haddie. I decided that since this fireman isn't very nice looking, we should turn him into Shaun! So I used Mod Podge to put some pictures of Shaun over this guy's face. Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures!
Here's some before pics:

And here's the afters:
I forgot to get a before of this one - but this fireman was wearing a mask so he didn't have a face anyway.
Now there is a handsome fireman!

We are so proud of Shaun! This is such a great opportunity for him. I love to see how excited he is about wanting to make a difference for our community. I love when I hear his radio - he stops whatever he is doing to listen to it, hoping to hear a call for him to go out! It is an honor to have him as a member of our family. We love you so much Shaun!
And just because I love saying it, MY BROTHER-IN-LAW IS A FIREMAN!


  1. I LOVE your post. I'll have to show it to him, he'll beam from ear-to-ear. He is incredibly excited and it's exciting for ME to see that others are so proud as well. I must say my fireman is pretty HOT! :)

  2. Linds, that is a super cute idea,I may have to steal it one of these days, although I am not sure I am that ambitious

  3. what an awesome idea! isn't family great?!

  4. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud when I saw your transformed puzzle! Too cute!

    You have to check out this blog about Mod Podge. It's great!

  5. Guess what - I have a miter saw! I actually asked for it for my birthday one year (and another year I got a sander and another year I got a table saw). Anyway... I bet it wouldn't take us any time at all to cut the molding after we figured out the measurments. I'm planning on doing this project to my interior doors as well. They're white, but they're nasty dirty and have Mickey Mouse stickers and claw marks all over them from the previous owners dogs. So if you decide to do it let me know and we'll get together and cut molding.

  6. How super cute. What a cute and fun idea!! Very creative....Shaun prob loved Kel did I see :)