Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shadow Boxes

I was going to get rid of these shadow boxes that we received as a wedding gift. I always thought they were cute, but the little ones were just too little for pictures. Then I got the idea to use them as a wall collage. I was pretty proud of myself - most of my projects I have had inspiration from someone else helping me along. But this one was all me! (And a few opinions from my sister in the arrangement) They are hanging on the wall in my craft/computer room. I already had everything that I used in these. I just pulled out some scrapbook paper and my fabulous O'Scrap embellishment bag chuck full of treasures and went to town. I ended up spending more time on these than I'd planned, but I think they turned out CA-ute! What do you think?
I will be adding more to this wall in the future!


  1. OMG! Those are ABSOLUTELY adorable! Is that one of those paper clip-turned heart things? Your whole arrangement is very cute!

  2. I very much agree that these turned out super cute!! :) I love it!

  3. Thats a totally cute start for that love it!! Such a creative mind :)
    p.s. how do you want me to respond to the questions on my comments you leave? if I leave another comment do you read it? Or what? Holla....

  4. They turned out great! Good Job!