Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I'm quite proud of my yard sale finds today! I spent more ($13.25) than I usually do at yard sales, but I'm especially excited about these, so I won't complain :)

This hurricane jar was .25! I'm going to fill it with something fun and use it as my table centerpiece - if I can keep little one's hands off it. Otherwise it will reside in a higher location.
I am in L-O-V-E with these barn stars. $10 for these; there were twice as many as these shown, but Kellie and I split them. They were brand new with tags, with the cheapest being about $11. We spent $20 for all of them. I have the yellow one on the left hung outside my front door for now. But after some paint, they will eventually live in my family room, which is decorated in Americana.
I love the detail on these! How fun!
This wall hanging I paid $2 for - a little steep, but it goes incredibly well with my Americana decor. I'm going to change out the pink ribbon (huh?) on the top.
Apologies for the picture quality. This little throw pillow I couldn't pass up for $1.
Here's a side pic of the pillow, showing the material that's on the back. Those are little stars all over it, not dots.
I SO cannot wait to get my family room done. It's a huge project, as the room runs the entire length of the house - it makes up 1/4 of my home's square footage! That's a lot of paneling to prime/paint. But it will be gorgeous once it's done.


  1. Ummm... okay, I got butterflies in my tummy when I read your title. I was giddy with excitement! I cannot believe the finds you got!! What great deals - the stars are my favorite - amazing! I love that they're detailed like that - Kellie was just telling me about how she is decorating with stars in her kitchen, and look how many you guys found!! Plenty for the both of you! And the pillow is probably my second favorite - that's a steal at $1.00!! Isn't it funny what us "frugal-ites" start to think is overpriced? I was telling Kellie about a shadow box that I made for my bathroom that ended up costing $7.00. SEVEN DOLLARS! I know... it's pennies when you're talking about buying something from a *real* store, but when you're (cheap) frugal it seems like so much to spend. It's funny sometimes I'll find something at the thrift store and be like "THREE DOLLARS! What a rip off" But I know darn well that if I were to buy it new it would cost probably $20 or more. LOL!

    So now I have to tell you about MY find today... I remember when we moved in to our house (we've only lived here about a month)there were some 5-gallon containers in the corner of the garage. I noticed that one of them said "deck stain" or "sealer" or something like that and I paid no attention to them. Well today I was complaining to my husband about how bad of shape our walls were in and how I was going to sell some of my stuff to buy paint. The master bedroom was painted before we moved in and looks great, but the rest of the walls are white and have been patched a million times and even have a few "scars" where it looks like holes have been punched through the walls. Anyway... I asked Chris to come out and lift these 5-gallon buckets up so I could see what they were. PAINT! FIVE GALLONS OF PAINT! They are same exact color of my master bedroom. For FREE! Super exciting, huh? It's probably not my first choice in paint colors, but it's a neutral beige and it was FREE, so it suddenly becomes the PERFECT color. :D

    Now that Kellie better do a post with her yard sale finds!! I'll be waiting and watching for it. :D

  2. Wow... sorry for the novel. I guess I just like to talk. I rarely get adult conversation, can you tell?

  3. I love our yard sale finds. Now to find homes for it all. I've got my work cut out for me and some deciding to do! :) You got tons of stuff for your family room and I'm super excited to see it all come together. YAY!!!

  4. First off, I LOVE LOVE your stars :) YEAH!!! And second...your totally stealing me theme :) Stars is in my house everywhere though... (not overwhelming) no worries :) Good job with the yard sales... I need to start shoppin them..or have you watch for me some stuff :) Right now I have projects I'm makin. Super excited :)
    Bout my finds in park city...I will take some pics and either post them or need to see super cute stuff :)