Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pink Sink - Dedicated to Stephanie

Okay Stephanie, here's your post from me :)
Kellie told me about your 'pink' kitchen. You don't even understand pink apparently haha! So it's imperative that you view what a pink sink really looks like.


That, my dear, is a pink sink. It is a ghastly thing! So now perhaps you'll pity me and keep your eyes open for a pedestal sink to replace this beauty :)


  1. LOL... oh boy! That is a PINK sink. What a beauty! I do have some ideas, though... you could work with it until you can change it out. Why don't you get an inexpensive white shower curtain and trim it out with that trendy pink/brown polka dot grossgrain ribbon. Add a brown shelf over the toilet (assuming there is room for one, since I've never seen your whole bathroom), a vase of pink gerber daisies on the shelf along with some brown washclothes rolled up and all "spa looking", a jar of bath salt, and an inexpensive brown rug on the floor. Hang a brown towel on your towel bar with a pink hand towel over it and make the pink look intentional. :D Your husband may not appreciate you adding more pink to the house, but it could be "the girls bathroom"... he can go find his own. I imagine you don't want to invest a bunch of money into it (otherwise you'd just go buy a new sink) but I know you could get a lot of your stuff at the DI or by shopping "steph's garage". ShopKo had a bunch of cheap towels on clearance not too long ago, too. I don't buy the expensive ones for decorating... the cheap ones work just fine. Heck... give me $15 bucks and I'll decorate your bathroom for you! Maybe this will make you feel better... my mom works for an interior design company, and the owners went to the trade show and came back to say that mauve is making a come back in home decor. So if that's true, my kitchen is going to be WAY stylin' soon! LOL!

  2. This IS a beautiful sink! Like Steph said, maybe the pink is working its way back in which time I'm going to be AWFULLY jealous of both of you. (But more so you, as yours is a true pink! LOL) I love it!!

  3. WOWIE :) what a sink sister.....I vote keep it... *giggle* I hope you can do the things you want to your house...such cute options out there.......good luck! Holla if you need help....( I won't expect to hear from ya, but at least I offer).
    Keep us updated on that beauty. She's a looker!