Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Trash-to-Treasure

I'm super excited for decorating my home for Fall! It's my favorite season. So I get giddy when the weather starts to cool down :)
On a trip to the thrift store, Haddie and I found some fun treasures to play with. I found this fancy-schmancy tin can thing.I walked past the tin can without a second look. Until I found this small bundle of straw stuff for a whopping fifty cents. (Are you loving my very technical terms for my goodies?) Pardon my cardboard here. It's my spray-painting box. The hubby didn't care for the time I spray-painted the patio on accident so I inherited my very own box!

So after I found the straw, I got an ingenious idea for a cheapo fall decoration. So I went back for the tin can thing, paying a sweet price of .75!
I stuffed a couple grocery bags in the bottom and then a block of floral styrofoam. I actually spray painted the styrofoam black, along with the tips of the straw.
I had some ribbon I tied on the can - I wish the tails on the bow were longer, but I ran out of that ribbon. I then put some moss on top of the styrofoam to disguise it and then stuck the straw in randomly to create this beauty.
She's nothing fancy, but I think it's cute to sit next to a block of wood I have that says 'Welcome To Our Patch' that has the same ribbon tied around it.
This project cost me $1.25, because I had everything else for it from previous projects. Haddie had fun helping Momma with a project so it was $ well spent.

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  1. That Tin can is super super cute. I must say you guys have a better dollar store than we do here in tree...I'm queen of cheap and I get the crappy dollar store. ARG.....anyways, cute cute...I love fall to and am trying to cheaply decorate also. Cheap, I mean free :) that won't happen this year :( Thats ok though i have enough on my plate right now.....