Sunday, March 1, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

We went to the open house for the Draper Temple last night. Kell, her husband and 3 kids, my mom, and Mark, Haddie and I all went. I was so glad Mark was willing to go - It meant a lot to me! Especially when he dresses up so handsome in his 'monkey suit' as he so lovingly calls it! (He shaved for me, too!) He looked great. Haddie looked beautiful as well.

All four kids were so well-behaved. I was so proud of them. Haddie got excited when we were walking by the baptismal font. She couldn't take her eyes off the 12 oxen. She pointed and quite loudly exclaimed "Dog-dog!" a few times. (That's what she calls our dog) Apparently she thought they looked like giant dogs! It was so sweet, it had all of us plus some other people around us giggling.

It was a great experience that I'm glad I was able to share with my family. This was the 3rd open house I've attended - First the Bountiful temple (with my fam), then Mt. Timpanogos (with Young Women's) and now Draper.
Last night reinforced my desire to re-activate myself in the Church. I've not attended church since my senior year of high school (5 years ago) and it's about high time I got myself going again. I'm really dragging my feet with this ward though, now. Before we bought our home, Kell and I were in the same ward and we'd go to church functions together and I had great visiting teachers. Since we're now in a new ward, I feel like an outcast. Sure, I've met many people in my ward and have wonderful new visiting teachers - they're great women! But it's hard thinking about going to church just Haddie and I. I know they'd make us feel welcome but I don't like doing new things. (I'm one of those that hates change)
Anywho, it will happen. I'll get there :)

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  1. Hey sis! It is high time you got going. Let's get me released from nursery and start coming to my ward. You could still have naptime and all of that good stuff. I think it'd be great. I'm glad we all went to the temple together, it was a neat experience and just being in the temple with so many people in our family reinforces the teachings that are taught in the temple! I love you tons!!!