Thursday, February 19, 2009

He's a She!

Poor Scruffy...Mark and Haddie took him to the vet this morning while I was at work. We decided we'd better get him fixed so we can get him licensed before March 1st to avoid a fine and citation. Mark picked him up this afternoon and was quite disappointed. Not just because we had to pay $200 (he needed vaccinations too)...but he was distraught because they didn't give Scruffy the Elizabethan collar. He's been looking forward to taking pictures of the poor thing wearing it. Alas, they said it wasn't necessary unless he proves otherwise.
That reminds me of 10 Things I Hate About You..."What's the collar for? Is it to keep him from licking the stitches?" Ha ha I love it.
Anyway. Scruffy whined the whole way home. I'm sure he's upset with us for taking away his manhood. Poor picked on dog! He's doing quite well though. We just barely gave him food, hopefully it sits well in his stomach.
Oh my dear husband, he's such a crazy man. A couple hours ago Scruffy had an accident downstairs which upset Mark. The vet's assistant told him he likely wouldn't poop for 24 hours or so because of the anesthesia. So Mark didn't worry about putting him outside. Poor dog hadn't been outside to pee all afternoon! He figured that he wouldn't need to pee because of the anesthesia as well!????? Leave it to him. So I helped the poor doggy out and put him out for a few minutes lol.


  1. NO!!! SCRUFFY! I told Mike about the note on your fridge and he laughed. Poor dog didn't get a fancy collar. Didn't my cat have one of those after getting her junk taken out?

  2. Poor Scruffalufagus! It's hard enough having your manhood taken away from you, and then your owner leaves ya to piddle inside. Haha!