Friday, March 6, 2009

Haddie loves Daddy!

Haddie is definitely a Daddy's Girl. (She's Mommy's Girl when Daddy doesn't give her her way, however)

Mark leaves his PJs on the floor next to our entertainment center in our bedroom every day. One day while he was working day shift, I walked into the room and found Haddie carting around Mark's pajama shirt.

She's recently learned how to put her own coat on and tries to help dress herself if I hand her clothes to her. So...she put Mark's shirt on over her head but couldn't figure out where the arms go
Mark was pretty excited to hear that his little girl misses him while he's gone when I showed him these pictures. They're buddies - Mark almost always takes Haddie with him to run errands and they hang out in the basement together on his days off.


  1. Oh my sweet girl! I sure love her to pieces. It's fun watching all the cute little things she's starting to do. Who knew being an aunt could be so fun?!! :)

  2. I know how fun being an aunt is! I've known for the last 11 years! I sure love your kids to pieces!